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Pokemon Go For Windows PC


Now you can play Pokemon go, from the comfort of your own home. No more moving around to find that Pidgy that you have been looking for.

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Pokemon Go For pc

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About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go creates a global craze unknown until then for a mobile game. Released July 24, 2016 in France, it causes passion and incredible situations as is already the case in other countries. Pokémon hunters rallies have been held in several cities of France. But Pokemon Go is a world apart and become a good trainer is not easy. Do you already know what a Pokéstop or Poképièces? Capturing Pokemon, control their evolution, fight in arena … To know how to play, consult a guide is quite useful before embarking on the adventure and trying to make Pokemon Go tricks .

This is the concept of Pokémon Go is full of promise for fans of the franchise as for neophytes. They are roaming the streets of his city to capture the little monsters before to develop them and then fight in the bullring. But originality: the game uses augmented reality thus revealing the Pokémon in the real environment. The first tip to follow is to be cautious, to look up his phone and do not use Pokémon GB drive. For the rest, our guide will give you the keys to start the game off right.

How to play – Pokemon Go Guide

To play Pokemon Go, you must first download the game. The official application is now released in France, simply search the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Once Pokémon GB installed, the first step is to create a character and enter your nickname. Therefore, you will be immersed in the game and will capture your first Pokémon. Click on the one you want (Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle) then start Pokéball in his direction. Then it only remains you survey your city in search of new creatures, objects and fights remaining. Your phone will vibrate when you be close to a wild Pokémon. See how to choose Pikachu Pokemon Go early .

Pokemon Go For Windows

Pokéball, Pokéstop, Definition …

Venturing into the Pokémon universe without knowing the language can be a hazardous operation. At a minimum, we advise you to integrate three concepts. Those familiar or the first games of the cartoon will surely remember the Pokéball , the red and white spheres that capture Pokémon. There are several kinds, from the simplest to the most powerful, Masterball, which allows to catch the rare creatures. They can be recovered in Pokéstop or purchased in the shop.

The Pokéstop precisely are places in the real world transformed into point of interest in Pokémon GB. They are materialized on the map by a blue symbol and enable to pick up different helpful items like Pokéball but also eggs or potions. It is also a great place to catch Pokémon, especially if a lure has been placed there (rose petals flutter then around the symbol). Once activated Pokéstop, his drawing becomes pink on the map. He returns to blue again when you can come and pick up objects.

The Arena also real places located on the map. They are accessible from level 5, with the aim of taking control. For this, we must deposit a Pokémon to defend if the arena is empty (without color) and then fight those already present if it is under the control of an opponent. These fights allow to earn experience points and Poképièces.

The Poképièces are the virtual currency of Pokémon GB (it is possible to acquire further with real money). They allow you to buy different items in the shop to progress faster in the game as the Pokeball, incense, decoys, egg incubators or extensions to store more Pokémon. If some of your Pokémon were left in the arena, it is possible to pick up Poképièces every 21 hours by clicking on the shield in the shop.

Capturing a Pokémon

To capture a Pokémon, it must first find by moving in the real world and knowing how to use the radar effectively. To increase your chances, you can try to attract them by burning incense or placing a decoy (see below). Once at the nearest creature, simply run its Pokéball controlling its movement and strength with your finger. The difficult task is to make land in the circle surrounding the Pokémon (red if the difficulty is high, yellow if intermediate and weak green). And the circle is, the more your chances of capture are important. You can try to coax the wild Pokémon with Framby Bay, an object to recover in Pokéstop at level 8. Swirl the Pokéball or succeed in to land in the circle center also guarantees more experience points . Disable augmented reality can help achieve more accurate throws.

Use the radar to Pokémon

To access the Radar Pokémon, simply tap on the bar at the bottom right of the screen. Then displays a list of Pokémon that are nearby: colorful ones you already have, in gray silhouette those you have never captured. A priori, the Pokémon displayed on the top left is the closest, the bottom furthest to the right. At launch, traces of legs in each of the drawings also indicate the distance to which is the creature. A feature since abandoned and could give way at a forthcoming update to the combination of a Pokémon in a Pokéstop to more easily spot it.

Use incense to attract Pokémon

From hunting for Pokémon are not easy … To attract more creatures without moving, incense – to buy in the store or to pick up in Pokéstop from level 5 – can be a useful object. After burning, you must wait about five minutes for the first creature to appear. New should come to you every five minutes for half an hour. According Numerama , the pace can be accelerated if you move quickly. So at 75 km / h, you should have the ability to capture 30 Pokémon. But be careful with the speed, it becomes very difficult to start Pokeball before walking away from the coveted creature.

Ask a lure Pokémon

The lure is the second item to buy in the shop that attracts Pokémon. Unlike incense, it is hung on a Pokéstop and benefits all players. Thanks to this item, a creature should appear every five minutes for half an hour. One trick is to find two close Pokéstop and put a lure on each. You just have to position yourself halfway to capture more Pokémon possible. On the map, it is easy to identify on which Pokéstop a decoy was asked: rose petals twirl around the symbol.

Meaning green leaves in Pokémon Go

If you see green leaves appear on the card, go for it! According to rumors, it would be a way to indicate the location of a nest Pokémon. So you will certainly find this location many creatures to capture and why not, rare Pokémon … But according to others, the green leaves are simply the movement of a Pokémon that would move in the tall grass.

Egg Pokémon

Hunting is not the only way to get Pokémon. It is also possible to retrieve eggs in Pokéstop. But it will require patience before seeing hatch and find out what type of Pokémon you get. It must indeed be placed in an incubator and walk with the application open for 2, 5 or 10 kilometers. A distance that varies eggs (see the list of Pokémon ).

Eggs luck, which are available for purchase in the store, not much to see. They simply allow to double experience points for half an hour.

Pokémon Evolution

After capturing Pokémon, the goal is to develop them in order to gain power. For this, we must actually catch more Pokemon of the same species. Each of them will bring you candy that will allow you to run to “buy” an evolution. The required number of sweets differs depending on the Pokémon and is especially important if the creature is powerful or rare. The sweets are also used to recharge a Pokémon, that is to say increase its combat power (PC) and points (PV). The treats can be obtained by capturing Pokémon, but also by transferring to Professor Willow (bottom of the description sheet).

Transfer a Pokémon

Once a captured Pokémon, the game offers you the opportunity to do battle, to develop it but also to transfer to the professor Willow. But what use this option? When you transfer a Pokémon, it disappears from your inventory but, in exchange, the teacher gives you a candy. The primary interest of this operation is to recover a maximum of these treats in order to change its remaining Pokémon. The other advantage may be simply to do the sorting when your Pokémon storage capacity is reached.

To transfer a Pokémon, you must go to its page and click on the icon in the lower right (three horizontal bars in a round). You can then choose to place the Bookmark or transfer. Previously, this option was at the bottom of the Pokémon card.

Choosing team in Pokemon Go

Once the player has reached level 5, he was asked to join a team or faction to access arenas Pokemon Go There are three. The Instinct faction (yellow), or Mystic Wisdom faction (blue ) and Bravery or Valor faction (red). Choosing a team is not to be taken lightly, each of which highlights a particular character. Instinct The team, led by Spark, setting as its name indicates on intuition and study Pokémon eggs. Wisdom as a faction leader and Blanche is turned more towards reflection. Trainers are particularly interested in the science of evolution Pokémon. Finally, the Bravery team, led by Candela, is more rebellious and relies on the drive and strength of Pokémon to win.

Each team also correspond to a mythical Pokémon Zapdos for yellow, Artikodin for blue and red for Moltres. The game does provide the opportunity for trainers of a team to meet the mythical bird associated with it? In any case, once your selection is made, it will be impossible to change faction.

Fight arena in Pokémon Go

Once past level 5, you will be able to fight your Pokémon in arenas. One of the ultimate goals of the game will also allow you to gain experience and eventually win Poképièces. Depending on whether the arena is up to your team or not, the situation is different:

– Gray Arena: it has been taken by any team. You can assign one of your Pokémon in his defense.

– Arena with the colors of your team: you can fight one of your Pokémon against one of the creatures already installed in the arena. This will earn you experience points and enhance the prestige of the arena. The other teams will therefore harder to bring down.

– Arena with the colors of another team: You must select six Pokémon to engage. To conquer the arena, you have to drop its zero prestige. Collect an arena can take time, several times and requires teamwork with other players of your faction. Once conquered the enemy arena, you can assign a Pokemon to his defense.

Assign a Pokémon in an arena allows the build but also to raise Poképièces (to pick up every 21 hours by clicking the top right shield in the shop).

The fight itself will go very quickly and you will need to be responsive. In reality, this is to tap the screen of his smartphone unrestrained manner. Three actions are possible:

– Tap once the Pokémon enemy sends a simple attack, the first found in the record of your Pokémon.

– Keep pressing the enemy Pokémon (once filled the blue bar) sends special attack, information presented in second position on the plug of your Pokémon.

– Slide left or right: dodge attacks sent by the enemy Pokémon.

Number of experience points (PX) per share

How to prove that it is the best trainer? Some will choose to capture all the Pokémon that exist in the game, others to climb as quickly as possible levels. If you choose this second way, you will get experience points (PX). These points can be accumulated throughout the game Pokemon Go completing certain actions that relate more or less:

  • PX 10 for an effect with Pokéball
  • PX 10 for a nice launch Pokéball
  • 50 PX for a great start to Pokéball
  • PX 50 for the visit of a Pokéstop
  • 100 PX for excellent launch Pokéball
  • PX 100 for capturing a Pokémon
  • 150 PX for a fight against another Pokémon
  • 250 PX for a fight against two other Pokémon
  • 350 PX for a fight against three other Pokémon
  • 450 PX for a fight against four other Pokémon
  • PX 500 for all new species of Pokémon added to the Pokédex
  • 500 PX for the evolution of a Pokémon
  • PX 600 to capture a whole new Pokémon
  • 1000 PX to the evolution of a new Pokémon

To know that there are tricks to progress faster! See how to get bonus experience in Pokémon Go for PC.

Unlocked items, rewards and XP per level

As the game progresses, the trainer, through its experience points, level up to level. And each passage is rather interesting objects are offered rewards, Pokéball early which then are added reminders, Framby berries or potions. Some levels also constitute bearings that allow access to items. It will, for example, expect the level 5 before you can use potions to heal his Pokémon. The game is still recent, all rewards by level are not yet known. The highest level is currently the 40.

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